I am amazed at how many support groups and resources there are for Boulder Parents.  Each day, I come across a new one.  

Here is my list so far, and I’m sure there are others that I haven’t found.

Check them all out and then let me know if there’s one I forgot!

The Joy Collective A Boulder gem with everything for birth, post-partum and parenting

Moxie Moms They offer discounts on everything in town!

Boulder Rockin’ Moms A group of Boulder moms that talk about anything and everything.

Boulder Meet-Up Groups Find a group of moms with similar interests for social activities.

Boulder Families A weekly update of things to do in Boulder

Parent Engagement Network A resource for Boulder parents to help their kids succeed in school and beyond

Jeff and Paige Great local children’s band with music all about the outdoors

Raising Little Heroes  A children’s volunteering group here in Boulder

Bundle Baby Shop This is the one stop shop for cloth diapering.  They will help you with everything.

Boulder County Kids A resource for everything kid-related in Boulder plus information on child care. 

That’s the list for now.

 Let me know if I forgot anyone!