Parental Support


The last week has been difficult here in Boulder with rains and the flooding.  We were very fortunate, but others weren’t so. But what has cropped up after the floods, and after most disasters, is the community involvement.   People taking care of each other. One group that popped up on Facebook, unofficially called the […]

most important tool

I have written about this before and I will write about it again.  Not only because it is wonderful, but also because I need reminders. Breathing is the most important parenting tool. I read a while back about mediating and parenting and I almost looked it over since I couldn’t medicate before I had kids, […]


Parenting was intuitive many many years ago.  In fact, the word parenting didn’t exist because it wasn’t a “thing”; it just happened.  People didn’t have discussions about it or whether what they were doing was right or wrong.  They just did.   Nowadays, parenting is no longer intuitive, although many people will argue against that. […]

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