A difficult part of parenting is knowing that everything will change.  At times, it can bring comfort hence the ever popular “this too shall pass”.  But it can also bring anxiety when in not knowing how to handle situations. For instance, many parents don’t want to introduce pacifiers or thumbs because sometime down the road, […]

family dinner

With all of the different parenting philosophies out there, a mother or father could get quite confused.  One group believes in one thing, while another group believes the exact opposite (when did parenting  begin to mirror politics?) But thankfully, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: the family dinner. The family dinner is […]

Twins playing

You’ll have to excuse the obscenities.  It is Louis C.K. after all. But he has some excellent points.  We have already established the no-devices-at-the-table rule, but I like the no-smartphones-for-the-children rule.  It will be a bit harder to enforce but worth it.  Children need to learn to be with themselves.  They need to be bored. […]


We instinctively know what is best for our children and ourselves which doesn’t explain hours spent on pinterest, watching bad TV or eating tons of chocolate.  But we do need to tap into those instincts as we raise our little ones and keep our time with the screen as little as possible. An article in […]