Before I had kids I had heard of sleep cycles but until I was working with them to become better sleepers, I never really understood the concept.   Now I do. We have sleep cycles.  The shortest ones are 20 minutes, then 45 minutes and then 2 hour sleep cycles. These are dependent on what […]


When you have one child, you do just about anything to not wake the baby. But then you have another child.  And now you have extra work to not wake the baby. Here’s the thing: Children learn how to sleep.   So a child who is born in a really hot humid climate, will know […]


Thanksgiving came and went and of course was delicious and relaxing. We were still at my mother’s house a couple of days later when my boys were still having difficulty going to bed.  There was so much going on during bedtime, that every night it took an hour or more of them wanting mom or […]


We all know it, we have either been there, heard others talk of it, or are dreading the future inevitability of the two plus hour bedtime routine. It starts out with the parent in charge:  Put your pajamas on.  Brush your teeth. And then about 45 minutes in, the children take over: “One more story.”  “Mom? […]


A difficult part of parenting is knowing that everything will change.  At times, it can bring comfort hence the ever popular “this too shall pass”.  But it can also bring anxiety when in not knowing how to handle situations. For instance, many parents don’t want to introduce pacifiers or thumbs because sometime down the road, […]