One of the most important tools that you can use to help your children with sleeping, eating, behavior, etc. is setting up a routine.  I know that schedules aren’t for everyone and if it doesn’t work for your family then it just doesn’t work.  But if you are on the fence about making a routine […]


It’s not really.  Taking turns and sharing are two different things but in the world of toddlers and parenthood, we need to put the focus on taking turns and take the pressure off of sharing. Let’s look at this from an adult point of view: Taking turns is: I’m using the computer right now and […]


This is a quote from Annie Dillard and it really speaks to me on the first day of the new year. Are our days rushed, stressed and unfulfilled? Or are we able to breathe and enjoy our days? The negative moments in our lives are just a moment, but strung together, they are our lives. There […]