So, things don’t always go as planned.  And that can really stress me out, especially with two toddlers in tow so now when I do something that I’m not so proud of, I just let everyone know that I put on my “Bad Idea Jeans” .

During Christmas break, I decided that the whole family should go out to dinner in Breckenridge.  “It’ll be fun.” I told myself.  We left early so that we could walk around town and enjoy the evening.  

Once we were driving through Frisco, I should have gotten a thorough dose of “mother intuition” that this was going to be a bad idea since the traffic was starting to get heavier but my intuition fell through this time (I guess since I had my “bad-idea jeans” on).   We should have stopped and eaten dinner in Frisco, but we didn’t.  

Now we are on the road to Breck and the traffic starts to slow down.  “No problem,” I thought, “we left early so we have plenty of time.”  We get about half way there and the traffic slows to a crawl, but at least we are moving.  The traffic leaving Breckenridge is even worse and not moving at all, so turning around isn’t an option.  

We get about a mile outside of Breck and the traffic stops.  It is still not moving the other way either.  I think (magically) to call the restaurant to see how long the wait is.  Even though they don’t take reservations, they said that they will put our name down on the wait list which is currently two hours.  Two Hours?!?  Do they know I have twin toddlers in the car with me right now?  

I look at my husband with great fear in my eyes.

We crawl on.

It takes us about 45 minutes to get to the restaurant.  There are hordes of people, families, crying babies and screaming toddlers waiting outside the restaurant. We get to the hostess who says that our wait will be less than an hour.  Is that good or bad news?  We can’t decide.

I walk the boys around and they actually hold it together very well.

We finally get seated, right next to the kids table of ten families who are all eating together. The parents’ table is not close at all and we endured screaming during our whole meal. 

It’s ok, we made it.  It wasn’t fun, but we survived.

It puts a smile on my face whenever I picture this clip and it alleviates all the pressure of having everything work out perfectly (which it never does anyway..) 

So when you have a horrible day that was precipitated by your bad idea, think about this video and know that mamas everywhere are wearing their bad idea jeans.

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