Parenting was intuitive many many years ago.  In fact, the word parenting didn’t exist because it wasn’t a “thing”; it just happened.  People didn’t have discussions about parenting or whether what they were doing was right or wrong.  They just did. Nowadays, parenting is no longer intuitive, although many people will argue against that.  But […]


We instinctively know what is best for our children and ourselves which doesn’t explain hours spent on pinterest, watching bad TV or eating tons of chocolate.  But we do need to tap into those instincts as we raise our little ones and keep our time with the screen as little as possible. An article in […]

baby eating

Picky eaters are synonymous with toddlers.  Thats what kids do- they give their parents grief at meal times.  But there is science behind that and parents can use the science to their advantage. Here are five things you can do with your children to keep them from becoming picky- or to cure them of their […]