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This question has come up a lot lately, and although I have touched on it briefly, it deserves a whole post. 

These days, we reach out to professionals in just about every aspect of our lives.  If we need help with our car, or if we just want it to work better, we go to a mechanic.   If we’re not sure about how to deal with a pest problem, we call an exterminator.

However, with the accessibility of the internet, we often solve a lot of our problems by researching on the web.  Instead of going to the mechanic or the exterminator, we may look up some options on the internet for taking care of it ourselves.

This is even more common with parenting.  A lot of questions can be answered by googling the problem and seeing what other parents have done.  And for a lot of situations, that does work. 

But many times, it only clouds your judgement.  You will most likely hear differing opinions on the same topic and although both will have good ideas behind them, second guessing yourself as a parent will only worsen the problem.

Thankfully, our relationships with our cars and spiders aren’t everlasting and intertwined.  But our relationships with our children are.   It is important that we understand the consequences (good or bad) of our everyday actions and this is where a parent coach can help.

You already know what you want for your child and you may even know how to get there.  But something is standing in the way and a parent coach can guide you to be the best parent you can be.

Similar to a sports coach who helps runners have a more efficient stride, or helps bike riders improve their lung capacity; a parent coach fine tunes your parenting skills and brings you to the next level of parenting.

Call me today to take your parenting to the next level!

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