Picture this: Your toddler just chased after your cat and then full-on hit your cat with her toy. Or: Your 4 and a half-year old just went up to his baby sister and pulled her hair. Or: You walk in on your 3-year-old twins with everything in the kitchen thrown everywhere. Your first response? “Why […]

This is your new mantra: ‘We take care of each other.’ This isn’t just for parents with more than one child because parents of only children can benefit from this phrase as well. Wondering how to keep your kids from hitting each other? We take care of each other Wondering how to get your child […]

In all this talk about consent with teenagers and young adults, it is important to look at how we teach our young boys.  We should also be teaching our girls about consent, but the two lessons are different.  Here’s what you can do with your little boys: Boys like to play physically and that is […]

Here’s a list of 10 tried and true tips to being a good parent: Routine It may not fit your lifestyle if you are used to being more spontaneous and flying by the seat of your pants before you had kids, however it is the number one way to having happier kids.  Doing more or […]

sibling rivalry

If you are expecting another child or you already have multiple children, then you have two wishes for them: to be good friends and to not fight all the time. Good luck.   However, there are several things you can do to facilitate a great relationship between them and fewer headaches for you.  The most […]

sorry 1

All children make mistakes.  It is a part of growing up.  A parent’s job is to teach children about making mistakes and what that means. Sometimes children get angry and lash out; it too is part of growing up.  A parent’s job is also to work with children and their emotions and help them manage […]

equality vs equity

If you haven’t heard, “It’s not fair!”, then you are lucky.  Because it’s not fair. Fairness is a tricky word and if you have ever been a teacher in a classroom with 25 or more children, you know the difference between equity and equality.  This is an important distinction with multiple children in your household […]


It’s not really.  Taking turns and sharing are two different things but in the world of toddlers and parenthood, we need to put the focus on taking turns and take the pressure off of sharing. Let’s look at this from an adult point of view: Taking turns is: I’m using the computer right now and […]


When you have one child, you do just about anything to not wake the baby. But then you have another child.  And now you have extra work to not wake the baby. Here’s the thing: Children learn how to sleep.   So a child who is born in a really hot humid climate, will know […]