With Christmas just behind us and the onslaught of new gadgets overwhelming us, let me tell you about another great little trick. You may have heard about the idea to put a lot of the new Christmas toys away and slowly bring them out as each month goes by.  I love that idea and I want you […]


When you have one child, you do just about anything to not wake the baby. But then you have another child.  And now you have extra work to not wake the baby. Here’s the thing: Children learn how to sleep.   So a child who is born in a really hot humid climate, will know […]


I have news for you: toddlers tantrum. This is what they do.  I have spoken about how to deal with tantrums before and I will talk about it again because it is a tough situation for parents with little ones. Children who are approximately 18 months to 4 years old are starting to develop independence. […]


Thanksgiving came and went and of course was delicious and relaxing. We were still at my mother’s house a couple of days later when my boys were still having difficulty going to bed.  There was so much going on during bedtime, that every night it took an hour or more of them wanting mom or […]