second guessing

There are so many ways to parent out there- attachment parenting, cry-it-out, organic versus non-organic, that it can make your head spin.  Not one of these ways is the absolute best or worst way to parent (although you may hear differently from fanatics).    But one thing that any parent can avoid is second guessing their […]

Twins playing

You’ll have to excuse the obscenities.  It is Louis C.K. after all. But he has some excellent points.  We have already established the no-devices-at-the-table rule, but I like the no-smartphones-for-the-children rule.  It will be a bit harder to enforce but worth it.  Children need to learn to be with themselves.  They need to be bored. […]


The last week has been difficult here in Boulder with rains and the flooding.  We were very fortunate, but others weren’t so. But what has cropped up after the floods, and after most disasters, is the community involvement.   People taking care of each other. One group that popped up on Facebook, unofficially called the […]

most important tool

I have written about this before and I will write about it again.  Not only because it is wonderful, but also because I need reminders. Breathing is the most important parenting tool. I read a while back about meditating and parenting and I almost forgot about it since I couldn’t meditate before I had kids, […]

Brother Twins

Saying “no” to our children is a hard thing to do, because the child doesn’t want to hear it and a tantrum will result later.   Tantrums have built themselves a bad reputation, and I have spoken earlier about avoiding tantrums; but they can be a learning opportunity.  A child who never tantrums, never learns. A […]

I am amazed at how many support groups and resources there are for Boulder Parents.  Each day, I come across a new one.   Here is my list so far, and I’m sure there are others that I haven’t found. Check them all out and then let me know if there’s one I forgot!   The […]