The last week has been difficult here in Boulder with rains and the flooding.  We were very fortunate, but others weren’t so.

But what has cropped up after the floods, and after most disasters, is the community involvement.   People taking care of each other.

One group that popped up on Facebook, unofficially called the “mudslingers” but officially called Donate Boulder- Community Organized Flood Relief has been posting places where people need help, and you just show up with boots, gloves and whatever other tools you have.

Right now, another group of moms is in the process of organizing a community “store” for donations and support similar to the one after the Four Mile Fire.  You can see their website here

Another group Colorado Flood Relief is making t-shirts with art from Boulder-native Scott Brooks.   100% of the proceeds will go to flood victims.

I often think of community as the secret sauce for raising children, and this whole experience has solidified that thought.  We need each other in the easy times, the rough times and in the extremely difficult times.

My boys are speaking more now and my favorite sentence from the weekend was, “Papa not here, papa helping people water out of basement.”

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