We all know it, we have either been there, heard others talk of it, or are dreading the future inevitability of the two plus hour bedtime routine. It starts out with the parent in charge:  Put your pajamas on.  Brush your teeth. And then about 45 minutes in, the children take over: “One more story.”  “Mom? […]


If you have children, you have chaos in your life.  They turn our whole lives upside down even if (especially if) we prefer order in our lives.   But here’s the thing: Children want and need order in their lives too. They need the same thing over and over and over in their lives. They […]


When it comes to young children, we certainly don’t have to tell them everything, but it is surprising what keeping them in the loop will do for their behavior. This technique is also best when started the earliest.  And I’m talking newborns.  It seems very strange to tell your newborn what you are doing, but […]


The one place where pretty much every parent has difficulty is in being consistent.   Children know this, and that is why they behave how they do.  They are looking for the cracks.  They want to know when and how you will cave.  But all you need to do is be consistent. The best way […]