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Kids want things, and they want them now.  Not only can we not give them everything at the exact moment that they ask for it, but it is also a lesson that humans need to learn.

It is amazing how young children can learn how to wait. The younger the child, the shorter attention span they have to wait, but even seconds is such a meaningful lesson.

There is no age too young or too old to teach a child to wait.   If you choose to teach your child sign language, the sign for wait (wiggling your fingers in the air) is an amazing tool.  Not only is it interesting for the child to look at (and later do) it allows the child to communicate and self-regulate.  As you make the sign (maybe they are asking for food, milk, or a toy) say, “I can wait.”  Research has shown time and time again the self- talking helps behavior. 

This can be introduced to older children as well.  You can even use it as an adult.  The next time you are getting frustrated with slow machine, person or situation, take a deep breath and say, “I can wait.”   You will see the power in this sentence.

Before you know it, you will see pride in your child’s face as they use this tool to be patient.  

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