Over the summer, I was struggling with trying to figure out how to carry a bag and ride my bike to the swimming pool a couple of blocks away.  It got to be so bad that a couple of times, I just ran in my flip flops because I couldn’t manage three towels, snacks, water bottles and toys while riding a bike.

But then I got a Convert-a-strap.  It will convert many bags into a backpack.  So in my case, it was a huge IKEA bag, but lots of bags will work and if you don’t have a bag that works, she has those as well.

Fast forward to the first week of school when I volunteered to wash the school’s laundry.  The boys love to ride their bikes to school and I didn’t want to take that away from them, but this was the most cumbersome awkward bag without a single strap on it so we almost had to drive to school, but the Convert-a-strap came to the rescue!

The strap can either be an over the shoulder the strap, or it can be changed into straps for a backpack just like that.   This is key for anybody who wants to save their back, or who rides a bike at all.

So I ultimately attached the strap to a messenger bag and now I can use it for anything and I won’t break my back.  I want to be able to ride my bike, be big enough to carry everything that I need but not to be too much to carry around.

Convert-a-strap was designed by a mom right here in Boulder and I love supporting local moms!