I am amazed at how many support groups and resources there are for Boulder Parents.  Each day, I come across a new one.  

Here is my list so far, and I’m sure there are others that I haven’t found.

Check them all out and then let me know if there’s one I forgot!

The Joy Collective A Boulder gem with everything for birth, post-partum and parenting

Moxie Moms They offer discounts on everything in town!

Boulder Rockin’ Moms A group of Boulder moms that talk about anything and everything.

Boulder Meet-Up Groups Find a group of moms with similar interests for social activities.

Boulder Families A weekly update of things to do in Boulder

Jeff and Paige Great local children’s band with music all about the outdoors

Raising Little Heroes  A children’s volunteering group here in Boulder

Bundle Baby Shop This is the one stop shop for cloth diapering.  They will help you with everything.

Boulder County Kids A resource for everything kid-related in Boulder plus information on child care. 

That’s the list for now.

 Let me know if I forgot anyone!

Boulder Twin Family

Ask any teacher about which families regularly attend parent workshops and they will always say, “the ones that don’t need to.”  
It could be said (and often is said) that the irony of these parent workshops is that the families who need the information the least are the most likely to attend.  But there isn’t any irony here because the families who attend are ones who regularly seek help and are open to suggestions.
Unfortunately, the families who don’t attend are often the ones where the children could use a little bit more support.  
During my years of teaching, I would have parents who had a lot of knowledge in child development; perhaps they worked at a school as well, or they were a pediatrician, or even fellow teachers.  But just as often, these parents had unruly, poor-mannered, or disagreeable children.  As a teacher, I spent years trying to figure out why so that I wouldn’t fall into the same traps.
What I finally realized (maybe after having my own kids) was that a lot of these “in-the-know” parents didn’t seek help for their children and made simple mistakes that another set of eyes could have prevented.  
No one is perfect and it really does take a village to raise a child.
I myself often seek help from other experts to see a situation from another point of view.  Before I started this, I had to ask myself, “How can I help parents, when I often need help myself?” and it was that very questions that made me realize that this work is even more important than I previously thought.   We need to support each other and not be afraid to seek help.
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